If you want to contribute code to Deluge, follow this process:

  • File a new ticket.
    • Patches will not be applied to develop unless they are accompanied by a ticket.
    • Search the ticket system first, to avoid filing a duplicate.
  • Ensure code follows the Deluge Coding Style.
  • Write unit tests: See Unit Testing for information on how to run the unit tests.
  • Write informative commit messages
  • Create a Pull Request:
    • Fork deluge on github under your own user account.
    • Clone your repository.
    • Create a feature branch for your issue.
    • Apply your changes:
      • Add them, and then commit them to your branch.
      • Run the tests until they pass.
      • When you feel you are finished, rebase your commits to ensure a simple and informative commit log.
    • Create a pull request on github from your forked repository.
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