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We use Sphinx to create the documentation from docstrings in code.

pip install sphinx
pip install sphinxcontrib-napoleon

The Sphinx config is located in docs/

If new source files are added, auto-create the new rst files:

sphinx-apidoc -o docs/source/modules -T deluge deluge/tests

The manually updated rst files are:

  • index.rst - The index page for Deluge documentation
  • docs/source/interfaces/ - User info on the different clients
  • docs/source/core/ - Documentation of the DelugeRPC

To build the docs:

python build_docs


There are two uses of Mock classes for catching/ignoring import errors:

  • In it is only applied to modules listed in MOCK_MODULES.
  • In it is used for any other ImportError or Exception.

man pages

Located in docs/man