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A node to discuss changing the Labels plugin by moving to a concept of torrent groups and tags.


  • a new level of control for torrents
  • sits between global and per-torrent settings
  • defines bandwidth settings
  • should it also define move completed locations?
  • can a torrent belong to multiple groups?


  • tags torrents based on pattern matching
    • can match against tracker or filenames
  • a single torrent can have multiple tags
    • this is going to require a bit of thinking
  • by itself tags just allow easier filtering

Organiser Plugin

  • tag-based organiser
    • rules are based on tags
  • allows for moving torrents on completion, possibly renaming / restructuring
  • should it handle linking tags <-> groups or should this be done in the core?
    • organiser could simply link a tag to a group to achieve custom move completed paths