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-- for OSX

Currently maintained by carbncl with a view to pulling into Deluge git repo. For current source code see his github repo

Instructions from the site are included below for reference:

# Instructions for building
## 1. Compiler
- To build deluge and the gtk osx modules, you must use `gcc`
- This has been successfully working with :
    - gcc 4.2.1 - Xcode 4.1 - Mac OSX Lion (10.7.2)
    - llvm-gcc 4.2.1 - Xcode 4.3.1 (With Command line utilities) - Mac OSX Lion (10.7.3)
- Check your version of gcc using `gcc -v`
## 2. GTK-OSX [jhbuild][1] environment
Quick how-to *(from the full [GTK-OSX building][2] instructions)*
1. Create a dedicated user account and use it for all the next steps:
    *Note*: I'm using `gtk` login with `/opt/gtk` as home an jhbuild prefix
        sudo su - gtk
        cat << EOF > ~/.profile
        export PATH=~/.local/bin:~/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/git/bin
        . ~/.profile
2. Download and run the [gtk-osx-build-setup][3] script to install jhbuild:
        curl -O
3. Link or copy deluge osx jhbuildrc-custom:
    *Note*: This setup builds only for `x86_64` arch to `/opt/gtk`
    prefix, feel free to edit
        ln -sf deluge/osx/jhbuildrc-custom ~/.jhbuildrc-custom
4. Build jhbuild and its modulesets: *(takes a while...)*
        jhbuild bootstrap && jhbuild
    *Note*: If you encounter an error while building `glib` like:
        gconvert.c:65:2: error: #error GNU libiconv not in use but included iconv.h is from libiconv
    Start a shell from jhbuild (#4), edit the file `vim glib/gconvert.c +65`
    to delete the section raising error, which is irrelevant. *(Lion
    iconv.h looks like gnu one, but it is not)*
    Then exit the shell and resume build (#1)
5. Build the deluge moduleset: *(takes a while...)*
    *Note*: This jhbuild moduleset *should* build and install all deluge
    dependencies not available in gtk-osx
        jhbuild -m deluge/osx/deluge.modules build deluge
## 3. Build
1. Always do your custom build operations under a jhbuild shell:
        jhbuild shell
2. Cleanup:
        python clean -a
3. Build and install:
        python py2app
        python install
4. Build app to `deluge/osx/app/`:
        cd osx
You *should* have now a working
i386 Notes:
- Uncomment the relevant sections of :
    - jhbuildrc-custom
    - deluge.modules
    - setup.cfg
- deluge egg has to be named without the -macosx-10.6-intel suffix
- To build for i386 under a x64 arch libtorrent python bindings have to be
  patched manually to set correct arch see macports package patch
## Issues
If doesn't work or crash the first thing to do is to check OSX
Console for logs and/or crash reports. Alternatively, you can enable python
log by uncommenting the end of script ``
Recent jhbuild issues:
- Some jhbuild modules fails to build, freetype and
  gtk-mac-integration, strangely configure is not called before
- If that happens, just force rebuild with something like:
        jhbuild build -cf gtk-mac-integration-python
-  Interrupt while building with ctrl-C and wipe to start over if configure missing
## Changelog
- **v1.3.3-1**: first release
- **v1.3.3-2**: **OSX integration**: [gtk-mac-integration][7]
    - Torrent files association (with a *nice* doc icon)
    - OSX MenuBar
    - OSX Accelerators: `<cmd>` instead of `<control>`
- **v1.3.3-3**:
    - Fix: Web interface bug (mako.cache missing)
    - New: i386 build (classic mode fails, libtorrent issue)
    - Updates:
        - libtorrent 0.15.8 > 0.15.9
        - Several python dependencies
        - jhbuild environment
- **v1.3.4-1**:
    - Updated to v1.3.4
    - Updated libs:
        - libtorrent 0.15.9 > 0.15.10
        - boost 1.47 > 1.49
        - openssl 1.0.0e > 1.0.0g
- **v1.3.5-1**:
    - Updated to v1.3.5
    - Included: twisted.internet.utils, email.mime
### Known issues
- **i386**: libtorrent crash
- **i18n**: English only for now
- **Magnet URLs**: Not currently supported by GTK-OSX
by order of priority/feasability:
- **OSX Open file limit**: max 256 *(setrlimit call)*
- **Notifications**: Growl
    *pynotify and pygame are not included because I don't think there is
    a way to bridge them with growl. Hopefully deluge handle this missing
    dependencies cleanly. (just logs warnings)*
- **Auto-Update**: Sparkle
    *Probably needs a native wrapper instead of the current shell script...*
## Thanks to
- The deluge team for their work.
- Winswitch team for their [osx build procedure][5] which this is largely inspired from.
- John Ralls for maintaining [gtk-osx][3] and for his [help][4].
- The py2App developers and mailing list for their [help][6].