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Deluge Release Checklist


  • Changelog is up-to date and add release date
  • Update po files from Launchpad
  • Version number increment:
    • man pages
    • osx/Info.plist
  • Build Docs
  • Compress WebUI javascript
    • ./build js/deluge-all
    • ./build js/ext-extensions
  • Tag release in git


  • Use git archive to create initial tarball e.g.
    • git archive --format=tar --prefix=deluge-1.3.0/ 1.3-stable >deluge-1.3.0.tar
  • Run make_release script on extracted tarball e.g.
    • make_release deluge-1.3.0


  • Update with version, hashes and release notes:
  • Trac close milestone
  • Ensure stable branch commits are also in development branch

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