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Unit Testing

Deluge testing is performed using Trial which is Twisted's testing framework and an extension of Python's unittest. Full documentation for Trial can be found on the Twisted website:

*Twisted Trial *Writing tests using Trial *Trial Unittest Docs

Here are some examples that show running all the test through to selecting an individual test.

For development branch (git master), tests are located in the source folder under 'deluge/tests'.

trial deluge
trial deluge.tests.test_client
trial deluge.tests.test_client.ClientTestCase
trial deluge.tests.test_client.ClientTestCase.test_connect_localclient

For 1.3-stable, tests are located in the top level folder of source under tests.

cd tests
trial *.py
trial test_common
trial test_common.CommonTestCase
trial test_common.CommonTestCase.test_is_ip