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To help translate Deluge please register at the Launchpad translation site

Marking Text for Translation

To mark text for translation in Python and ExtJS wrap the string with the function _() like this:

torrent.set_tracker_status(_("Announce OK"))

For GTK you can move the translation out of the code and into the glade files:

<property name="label" translatable="yes">Max Upload Speed:</property>

For more details see: Python Gettext

Translation Process

These are the overall stages in gettext translation: POT (Portable Object Template) files -> PO (Portable Object) files -> MO (Machine Object) files

  • is created using
  • deluge.pot is created using
  • Upload deluge/i18n/deluge.pot to Translation site
  • Wait for the translators to translate the text.
  • Download the updated PO files from translation site, extract to deluge/i18n/ and strip the deluge- prefix: rename -f 's/^deluge-//' deluge-*.po
  • The binary MO files for each language are generated in by using the script.

To enable WebUI to use translations update gettext.js by running script.

Useful Applications

Testing Translation

Verification that translations are working correctly can be performed by running deluge as follows.

Create an MO for a single language in the correct sub-directory:

mkdir -p deluge/i18n/fr/LC_MESSAGES
python -o deluge/i18n/fr/LC_MESSAGES/ deluge/i18n/fr.po

Run Deluge using an alternative language:

LANGUAGE=fr deluge
LANGUAGE=ru_RU.UTF-8 deluge

Note: If you do not have a particular language installed on your system it will only translate based on the MO files for Deluge so some GTK text/button strings will remain in English.