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Deluge Download

The latest Deluge release is: 2.1.1 (ChangeLog, ReleaseNotes)

  1. Packages
    1. Linux
    2. Microsoft Windows
    3. Apple Mac
    4. BSD Unix
  2. Source
  3. Previous Versions


List of community provided packages. (Please ContactUs to add to this list)


Distribution Website Ubuntu Ubuntu Releases, Deluge-Team PPA Debian Link Fedora Link 1click install Mandriva Link Arch Link Gentoo Portage Slackware Link PLD-Linux i686, x86_64 Foresight Link

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 Installer

Apple Mac Mac OS X (x64 Beta), see Forum for any issues Mac OS X via Macports, see Installing/MacOSX for instructions

BSD Unix FreeBSD Portage, More details


Download release tarballs or check out latest revision on Git

Guide to installing from source: here

Previous Versions

You can find old packages and source tarballs here.