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    11= Deluge 1.0 FAQ =  
     4== Is Deluge Free? Can I get the source? == 
     6Yes, Deluge is Free Software, as defined by the Free Software Foundation, and is released under the GPL, giving our users complete freedom. The source code is available on the download section of our site. Our GPL nature allows you to be 100% sure that our program will never “spy” on your activities. Closed-source BitTorrent clients cannot make that same claim. 
    39== How to start the various user-interfaces  == 
    3541deluged -d 
     44== How do i stop the daemon ? == 
     46killall deluged 
     48Deluge accepts the SIGTERM signal and cleanly shuts down. 
    108120Note: if you do not know your upload speed, you can go to and divide the number it says by 8. 
     122== Deluge sometimes creates files that I didn't ask it to download. Why? == 
     124Deluge handles files as pieces, not as individual files. This gets tricky, as sometimes the same piece is shared between multiple files. So if you tell Deluge to download a file, it'll download all of the pieces within that file, and if one of those pieces is shared with another file, that file will also be created, although not necessarilly entirely downloaded. 
     126== I lost data on force recheck, Why? == 
     128Force recheck discards all incomplete pieces. 
     130== Can Deluge use blocklists such as SafePeer or PeerGuardian? == 
     132Yes. Enable the “Blocklist” plugin. Currently this plugin can handle PeerGuardian (binary and text), SafePeer and Emule lists. PeerGuardian *7zip format files are not supported*. Generally PeerGuardian files come in 7zip format, so you'll need to extract them first and then feed Deluge the plain text file. Files may be specified as URLs or locations on the local filesystem. Here are some suggested blocklists: 
     1341. (Emule) 
     137== Does deluge support Initial/Super Seed? == 
     139We have a fundamental objection to the methods of "super-seed" or "initial-seed",  
     140as does the main developer of libtorrent. it's use hurts bittorrent, is utterly ineffective, and will not be supported. 
     142== Does Deluge have an embedded tracker? == 
     144No and it probably never will. We want to be the best BitTorrent client around, and to do that we need to focus on just being a client. 
     146== How do I set Deluge as my default Bittorrent program? == 
     148On Windows, the installer will ask you if you want Deluge to be your default Bittorrent program. On Linux/Unix (GNOME), right-click on a torrent file, click on properties, click on the "open with" tab. Is deluge listed there? If so, select it to be your default, if not, click on "add", then click on "use custom command". Insert /usr/bin/deluge and click add. 
     150== Does Deluge support multi-tracker torrents? == 
     152Yes it does. Also, you can edit the trackers associated with a torrent by right-clicking on a torrent within Deluge, and clicking on “Edit Trackers.” 
     154== What is the difference between full allocation and compact allocation? == 
     156Compact allocation only allocates as much storage as it needs to keep the pieces downloaded so far. This means that pieces will be moved around to be placed at their final position in the files while downloading (to make sure the completed download has all its pieces in the correct place). In full allocation, the entire space that a file needs is allocated as soon as one piece of that file is downloaded, thus decreasing fragmentation. We suggest that our users use full allocation. 
     157Deluge uses sparse-files( for full allocation, the compact allocation option only usefull for windows-file systems. 
     159== Deluge won't start with a “gobject.GError: Unrecognised image file format” error. == 
     161You need to install SVG support. On Debian/Ubuntu, the package is librsvg2-common 
     163== Which ports should I use? == 
     165The official ports for Bittorrent are 6881-6889, but most ISPs block or at least throttle those ports, so users are encouraged to use a port range of something between 49152 and 65535. 
     168== Where is the scheduler plugin ,What are the alternatives for the missing Scheduler plugin ? == 
     169There is no scheduler plugin for 1.0 yet. 
     1711.0 : use cron + this script: 
     1731.1 : Will get a better command-line user-interface , also usable from cron.