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Git Source Repository

Deluge's source code is always available through our Git repository.

To get a copy of the code, you will need to clone it from the repository then see the Installation Guide.

For more in depth-git usage see GitTips and GitCommit.

Initial Clone

The first step is to clone our git repos:

git clone git://

This will create a deluge directory with a copy of the repo so if you change into this directory you can start using git commands.

Selecting Branch

There are multiple branches or tags that you can choose from, but the main two are the current stable branch and the development branch.

List the branches, including remote branches:

git branch -a

If you want to use a different branch than the default selected (master) then you will need to create a local copy of the remote branch. In this example we create branch '1.3-stable' as a local copy of the remote branch 'origin/1.3-stable' and switch to it:

git checkout -b 1.3-stable origin/1.3-stable

To switch between your local branches use the following commands:


git checkout master


git checkout 1.3-stable

Either of these commands will show the current branch you are using:

git branch
git status


You only need to do a clone once, after that you can simply update the branch by pulling changes from the repo.

Assuming you are in the folder you cloned to:

git pull

Now your tree is synchronized to the latest revision in our repository!