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Installing Deluge On FreeBSD

Deluge (1.3.x) is available in Freshports, with dependencies correctly identified and also stable.

Install package with GTK2 client

pkg add deluge

Install package for headless setups

pkg add deluge-cli

Install from Ports

For desktop use (X11):

cd /usr/ports/net-p2p/deluge && make install clean

Or using portmaster:

portmaster net-p2p/deluge

Note: The above commands should work correctly to install UI and Daemon components on FreeBSD 7.2 or later, installing the Python/Boost? dependencies as required.

For headless setups (no X11):

cd /usr/ports/net-p2p/deluge && make WITHOUT_X11=yes install clean

and disable GTK2 in the port configuration options.

Note: Option WITHOUT_X11="YES" can also be set globally (for all port builds) in /etc/make.conf. As of (at least) FreeBSD-9.1, WITHOUT_X11 is deprecated and use of OPTIONS_UNSET=X11 in make.conf is advised instead (and should probably be preferred for versions that support it.