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Changed GPG key base upon problem highlighted in forum

Debian Squeeze

This method does not work for Lenny, it depends on a package that doesn't exist in Lenny yet, see Installing/Linux/Debian/Lenny as how this can be done.

There is an easy way to get a recent version of deluge on Debian Squeeze even though it is not included in the Debian repositories (those are stuck on 1.2.3).

It involves using a Launchpad PPA for Ubuntu Lucid. That release is old enough as to not get any nasty unmet dependencies when those packages are installed on Squeeze.

First, lets add the PPA to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb lucid main 
deb-src lucid main

Then, lets fetch and add the GPG key for that repository in order to be able to verify the downloaded packages (the following command needs to be done as privileged user so either su or sudo).

apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver 249AD24C

Refresh apt:

apt-get update

Now all that is left to do is install deluge, for example:

apt-get install -t lucid deluge-common deluged deluge-web