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Port change python 2.6 > 2.7

Installing Deluge on Mac OSX

This works on OSX Lion 10.7 with Deluge 1.3.3 and also works on previous versions (Snow Leopard 10.6.x / Deluge 1.3.x)

These instructions assume a clean install of OSX (no XQuartz, Darwine, Winebottler, or MacPorts / Fink installed).

This methodology is time consuming, but is less error-prone for the uninitiated.

(Go watch a movie after launching port command, It's gonna take a while for the downloading and compiling... might be few hours and some gigabytes generated)

First download and install pre-requisites:

  1. Xcode from App Store
  2. Mac Ports from (2.0.3 as of this writing).

Then open a terminal prompt (from Utilities), all the next steps will be done from command line

There are two methods to install deluge, one use X11, the other use Quartz-GTK.

In short, X11 is "classic" linux-interface on OSX, while Quartz-GTK use native OSX interface, which is faster and better looking... but also more error prone. Up to you!

Install deluge with X11

sudo port install boost +python27 deluge

(boost library must be installed with +python27 or macports will complain later when building deluge)

Install deluge with Quartz-GTK

sudo port install boost +python27 gtk2 +no_x11+quartz deluge

or if that doesn't work :

sudo port install boost +python27 pango +no_x11+quartz cairo +no_x11+quartz gtk2 +no_x11+quartz deluge

Start Deluge

  1. Open terminal, assuming port is in your path (/opt/local/bin)
  2. Start deluged daemon:
    deluged-2.7 &
  3. Start deluge interface:
    deluge-2.7 &

Optional steps

GTK Engines

To get a better looking interface, you can install gtk-engines2 (or others GTK engines) :

sudo port install gtk-engines2

Then set you preferred engine (clearlooks in this case, which is nice)

echo 'gtk-theme-name = "Clearlooks"' | sudo tee /opt/local/etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc


If you prefer english version (or any other language) you can launch deluge using the following:

export LANG=en_US && deluge-gtk-2.7 &

Or alternatively, you can use an alias (in your bash profile, zshrc...)

alias deluge='export LANG=en_US && deluge-gtk-2.7 &'


More details / help available on forums! in OSX Section and also in this thread which initiated that wiki page.