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Add new enties

This is page is to collate the work that is required to bring the next Deluge version up to date with libtorrent

Deluge 1.4.0 milestone and libtorrent 0.16

Tickets requests for new/missing libtorrent features




These should be covered by the WiP by gazpachoking to query lt for all available settings.


Features for future Deluge releases

Notable libtorrent 1.0 Changelog entries:

  • Support magnet links wrapped in .torrent files (need more details)
  • Support storing save_path in resume data
  • Include name, save_path and torrent_file in torrent_status, for improved performance
  • allow moving files to absolute paths, out of the download directory
  • add moving_storage field to torrent_status (might target 1.4 milestone)
  • allow force_announce to only affect a single tracker (need more details)

Deprecated Functions

To test use libtorrent build with TORRENT_NO_DEPRECATE config.