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Watch for IP changes on specific interfaces and notify libtorrent.

  1. Current features
  2. Links
  3. Getting started
    1. Download
    2. Installing the plugin
    3. Configuring IfaceWatch

Current features

  • No WebUI support
  • Works only on Unix based hosts (limitation of PyIface)
  • It runs on the daemon, so it will work well in a daemon/thin client setup.

Getting started


Download IfaceWatch from the

You must download the egg that matches your python version (Python 2.6 or 2.7). See for details if you are unsure.

Installing the plugin

The plugin egg file can be installed through the Deluge GTKUI, or it can be installed manually.

See instructions for how to install

If you run Deluge in non-Classic mode (daemon and client setup), take a look at Running a server/seedbox with a Deluge daemon

Configuring IfaceWatch

When enabling the plugin in Deluge a new tab is created in the Deluge prefences for IfaceWatch. The settings allows specifying a network interface, such as *eth0*, to be monitored for changes at the interval specified in the setting.

In a VPN scenario where you want only the torrent traffic to pass through the VPN interface it is necessary to manually set up routing table rules for this traffic. When the IP changes for an interface, IfaceWatch will only instruct Deluge to change the IP that libtorrent listens on. Therefore it is necessary to adjust the routing table rules as well when the IP changes.