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Pieces Plugin

Adds a tab to Deluge 1.2 (and higher) to allow the viewing of the status of each piece of a torrent. Currently only a gtkui plugin.

Version 0.2 adds a tooltip to show which piece the mouse is hovering over, and a right-click menu that allows the setting of priorities for individual pieces.

Version 0.3 adds the option to select multiple pieces by dragging the mouse over them before setting the priority.

Version 0.4 fixes a segfault bug when setting priorities for multiple pieces, allows more flexible piece selection (with Shift/Ctrl?), and adds an option to always prioritize the first un-downloaded piece of a torrent.


Pieces plugin for Deluge


View of the tab:
Main Tab View

Piece # tooltip (shows piece priority in parens):
Tooltip Screenshot

Menu to set the priority for a piece:
Set Priority Screenshot


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