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    v1 v1  
     1A RSS plugin for Deluge 1.3 configured through GTKUI 
     3Current features: 
     5 * RSS Feeds with individual update times. 
     6 * Cookie support 
     7 * Sending emails on torrent(s) added, with the list of torrents in the message. 
     8 * Multiple (email message) notifications can be created and applied to different subscriptions. 
     9 * Search using regex, one field for inclusion and one for exclusion. (Maybe some simpler search method should be added?) 
     10 * "Move completed" and "add paused" options. 
     13Features that hopefully will be implement: 
     15 * Log window containing info on what is going on. 
     16 * Label torrents automatically 
     17 * Smart episodes filtering including history to avoid the same episodes being added multiple times. 
     18 * Command line client 
     19 * Better search, maybe a helper to create regex filters. 
     21Tested with Deluge 1.3.4 on: 
     22 * Windows XP 
     23 * Ubuntu 11.04 
     24 * FreeBSD 9 (daemon) 
     27[ Download] (Windows users need the download ending with ''py2.6.egg'') 
     29[ Source] 
     31[ Changelog] 
     33==Getting started== 
     35===RSS feed=== 
     37Start by registering a RSS feed in the tab "RSS Feeds". Make sure the links link to torrent files, and not a new HTML page. 
     38The "Update time" is how often this feed is checked. It depends how often the feeds are updated, but usually, between 60-120 should be good. The minimum value is 15 minutes, to avoid overloading the server. 
     41Subscriptions define the content you want to download from a RSS feed. 
     42The search is regex based, which enables extremely powerful search expressions. However, it's not always straight forward to define right. 
     44To help you verify the expression, the list of the current torrents in the RSS feed will show if the torrent matches, and which part of the title that matches 
     46Regex hints: 
     47||.||any character|| 
     48||*||zero or more of the previous|| 
     49||.*||zero or more of any character|| 
     50||(a|b)|| a or b|| 
     53Title1: "My Favourite Series some-random-characters.720p.GROUP" 
     54Title2: "My.Favourite.Series.some-random-characters.1080p.GROUP" 
     57||My Favourite Series|| Matches Title1|| 
     58||My.Favourite.Series|| Matches both|| 
     59||My.Favourite.Series.*720p|| Matches Title1|| 
     60||My.Favourite.Series.*(720p|1080p)|| Matches both||