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    7272||My.Favourite.Series.S01E\d!{2}*1080p|| Matches Title3 (as well as any episode 00-99)|| 
    7373||My.Favourite.Series.S01E\d{1,2}.*1080p|| Matches Title3 and Title4|| 
     75=== Dealing with feeds that are missing a pubDate tag. === 
     77Some trackers publish RSS feeds that do not have the standard pubDate tag for each item that contains the timestamp of when the item was added to the feed.  Without this tag, YaRSS2 cannot process the feed, as it has no way of knowing a new item from an old one.  Most of these trackers DO include a timestamp somewhere in each item's entry, but if it's not in the pubDate tag, then YaRSS2 doesn't find it.  To solve this, you can contact the feed's publisher and request that they conform to the RSS standard and include the pubDate tag in their feed.  When they tell you to go pound sand, fear not.  There is a workaround that's fairly easy.  To add the pubDate tag into an existing RSS feed yourself, you can use a service from Yahoo called Pipes: 
     81Yahoo has pretty good documentation for this tool, so you should be able to figure out the Pipes tool after a little experimenting.  Here's a general guideline of how to add the missing pubDate tag: 
     83 * Open the RSS feed in a web browser and view the page's source. You'll see all the tags for each item. Identify the tag that contains the published date. 
     84 * Create a Yahoo account and build a new pipe. String the following modules together in the following order. 
     85 * Use the fetch feed module to read the source feed. 
     86 * Then use the rename module to copy the tag containing the date into a new tag called pubDate. 
     87 * You may need to use the regex module to strip all but the time and date out of your new pubDate tag. 
     88 * Use the Create RSS module to map the tags to conform to RSS standard. 
     89 * Save and run the pipe. Click on "get as RSS" and use the link it generates as your RSS source in YaRSS2. 
     90 * Enjoy.  The feed now has a proper timestamp tag and should work. 
     92Hopefully this will help some people get their favourite feeds working with YaRSS2.