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  1. Deluge Plugins (Supplied)
  2. Deluge Plugins (3rd Party)
  3. Installing Plugins
    1. GUI Install
    2. Manual Install
  4. Plugin Development
  5. Archived Deluge Plugins (for v1.1.x)

Deluge Plugins (Supplied)

AutoAdd Multiple watch folder support
Blocklist? Download and import IP blocklists
Execute Executes a command upon an event
Extractor Extracts files upon completion
Label Assign labels to torrents for custom actions
Notification Provides Email, Popup, Blink and Sound notifications
Scheduler Limit Deluge bandwidth depending on schedule
WebUI Start the web interface from within Deluge

Deluge Plugins (3rd Party)

AutoPriority Downloads torrents in alphabetical order
Auto Remove Limit the number of inactive torrents that are kept
Batch Renamer Rename multiple files in torrents for tidiness
Categorise Moves downloaded torrent to a specific directory depending on type
Copy Completed Copies completed torrents to another location
Delete Partials Deletes partial files left by 'Do not download'
Growl Growl Notifications for completed torrents
Managed Pause Scheduler that allow you to exclude torrents
MyScheduler Scheduler with Force Start
Pieces View status and set priority of each individual piece of a torrent
PreventSuspend Prevents computer suspending
Stats Displays pretty graphs of statistics
Toggle Allows the users to set the session to either "paused" or "resumed"
Total Traffic Shows per session & optionally total traffic
Traffic Limits Pause all torrents if more than a set amount of data is uploaded or downloaded.
XMPP Notify XMPP notify/control bot
YaRSS Simple RSS plugin for TV Shows

Application Plugins - Extensions or scripts for applications, enabling interaction with Deluge

Chrome Extension Provides a simple overview of Deluge torrents within Chrome
ConkyDeluge Script to display Deluge statistics within Conky
Docky Helper Docky helper that shows transfer rates on the Deluge badge
FlexGet Plugin Deluge Plugin for the advanced RSS tool (More Info)
Greasemonkey Script Adds a clickable icon on webpages to add torrents via Deluge WebUI

Installing Plugins

Download the egg file for the selected plugin.

GUI Install

Preferences -> Plugins -> Install plugin

Locate the downloaded egg file and select it.

Manual Install

Copy the egg file into the plugins directory of the deluge config. The default location is:


Plugin Development

Archived Deluge Plugins (for v1.1.x)

FlexRSS RSS feed plugin
Priorities Allows you to assign a tracker to 5 upload-slots
Autoport Change listen port at a set interval, to a random port within range.
RemoteNotify Notify through XMPP you when torrents complete