Deluge 1.1.6

April 6, 2009

A few minor bug fixes, translation updates and license updates.

See the ChangeLog for the full list of changes.

Download the source tarballs from: or check out the Download page for information on where to find packages for your OS.

Happy Sharing!


42d9dea2f47ed457beca1c393216832607f4bd6d  deluge-1.1.6.tar.bz2
8efe75c3da7bb59c65e08bfc4eb233f6a86a1313  deluge-1.1.6.tar.gz
6cacbd7f4197058913fe427599b567f32fe020c0  deluge-1.1.6.tar.lzma
d665842a5b82b9e9b54f16c626ea5e7723d80447  deluge-1.1.6-win32-setup.exe


78ef75153bbd5ef6a06ed876d66a9fb9  deluge-1.1.6.tar.bz2
fe63bbfd99b33f8944e431839cedef8e  deluge-1.1.6.tar.gz
d013458607c3fe9313707776cf98a61d  deluge-1.1.6.tar.lzma
541ac20ea3fe5ef261a698f43d712f97  deluge-1.1.6-win32-setup.exe
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