Deluge 1.2.0_rc3

November 1, 2009

We are proud to announce the third release candidate in the 1.2 series. This will hopefully be the last RC before the final release of 1.2.0, so please test it well.

Please remember that this is a release candidate so there will likely be some bugs to work out.

A few highlights:

  • Replaced XMLRPC with DelugeRPC - this has made the communication between the UI and daemon much more efficient and secure. All connections are now SSL encrypted and compressed. This change has far reaching effects, such as fixing the UI locking issue on Windows and the issue where a UI won't receive signals if it is firewalled from the daemon.
  • Completely rewritten WebUI - the webui has been rewritten to use AJAX exclusively and it looks beautiful!
  • New plugins - we've added a few new plugins to this release including: Extractor, Execute, Scheduler and WebUI
  • Improved Classic Mode - this has been reworked to run the daemon in the same program space as the UI which should provide better performance by bypassing the RPC.

Some notes:

  • We are no longer including the libtorrent source in our source tarballs. Deluge will work just fine with a system libtorrent package installed to your system provided it has the python bindings. If you want to use Deluge's build system to build libtorrent, simply drop in the libtorrent source directory in the Deluge tree and run the usual build command.
  • The dependencies of this release has changed a bit, in particular we now use Twisted quite extensively. Please review the included DEPENDS file for a full list of dependencies.
  • Translations may not be up-to-par with this release candidate, so please head over to our launchpad translation page and update those strings!
  • Make a backup of your config! We've changed the format of some of our config/state files, so a clean revert back to 1.1.9 won't be possible.

As always, see the ChangeLog and the Revision Log for the full list of changes.

Download the source tarballs from: or check out the Download page for information on where to find packages for your OS.

Happy Sharing!


c13b2d3c9802a2ca1158cbc87c653d23c305002c  deluge-1.2.0_rc3.tar.bz2
2923c526372f8427b7a31c362a98bee84b2f3372  deluge-1.2.0_rc3.tar.gz
34db4942864c4022fcfb0ce4612bba8b641eb4a1  deluge-1.2.0_rc3.tar.lzma
4f5407e5f0590e52f164a92ac6404f75dde82a04  deluge-1.2.0_rc3-win32-setup.exe


edb981db1c1f91e52a7caa5ba8892f56  deluge-1.2.0_rc3.tar.bz2
f8f1135d00f9e36808398beaee3a131d  deluge-1.2.0_rc3.tar.gz
197bd2fdd83fd2d03ca41031d8767456  deluge-1.2.0_rc3.tar.lzma
5739cb5ddabb79d03d064da3bb834977  deluge-1.2.0_rc3-win32-setup.exe
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