Deluge 1.3.0_rc1

May 8, 2010

We are proud to announce the first release candidate in the 1.3 series. A lot of time has been spent working on this release and we hope that you enjoy it. Please remember that this is a release candidate so there will likely be some bugs to work out.

A few highlights:

  • WebUI updates galore! The WebUI has had a lot of work done on it to make it much more efficient, especially when there is a large amount of torrents in the session. There is better plugin support and a lot of improvements across the board. Check it out.
  • We've added client-side caching to the GtkUI and incremental torrent status updates to reduce the RPC traffic. This will be very apparenty for those with a large amount of torrents in their session. In most cases the GtkUI is now using about 20% of the bandwidth as the 1.2 client.
  • New Plugin: AutoAdd allows for an unlimited amount of watch folders and for providing options for torrents added for those folders.
  • New Plugin: Notifications replaces the previously built-in notification support and provides more features, proper core/ui separation to stop those pesky email alerts from freezing the GtkUI.

Some notes:

  • Translations may not be up-to-par with this release candidate, so please head over to our launchpad translation page and update those strings!
  • Make a backup of your config! Because sometimes shit breaks. We're sorry :D

As always, see the ChangeLog? and the Revision Log for the full list of changes.

Download the source tarballs from: or check out the Download page for information on where to find packages for your OS.

Happy Sharing!


ceb3be9a8a0b8e887230660548ac0acd69943884  deluge-1.3.0_rc1.tar.gz
a99df49b3aa1b82bf5d7fe6900050a13887ce0d6  deluge-1.3.0_rc1.tar.bz2
5aa805003c3ada2214b5638501b9da51bd1aa185  deluge-1.3.0_rc1.tar.lzma
41f3b5538fb69f2273a8761dca4916eb458b989b  deluge-1.3.0-rc1-win32-setup.exe


3d2cd4c13c52309d46d532ac6d95a749  deluge-1.3.0_rc1.tar.gz
9ee0e29c915d7a837371cfcb60b00000  deluge-1.3.0_rc1.tar.bz2
9a6b9a6b327828a770d0de2aa66a81a4  deluge-1.3.0_rc1.tar.lzma
08e30cbd1539c304d8139bf2f2df8ba5  deluge-1.3.0-rc1-win32-setup.exe
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