Deluge 1.3.14

March 6, 2017

Another unexpected bug fix release for 1.3 series.

WebUI users: Highly recommended to upgrade to this release as it contains a fix for CSRF vulnerability that has the real potential to compromise your machine.

Windows users: The package now includes libtorrent 1.0.11 which should fix crashing on startup.

Please see the ChangeLog and the Revision Log for the full list of changes.

Download the source tarballs from: or check out the Download page for information on where to find packages for your OS.

As always, Happy Sharing!


a74eefdca891fff3118e4c922b6374b813b61d78  deluge-1.3.14.tar.gz
660db0d90287e203064f1b3ea26a4a47c453d83e  deluge-1.3.14.tar.bz2
dfd613349893d1255fd7d4c42b3b5ccc686fc929  deluge-1.3.14.tar.xz
6e798c91d174b9bd6d189501a8a5be46230f695d  deluge-1.3.14-win32-py2.7.exe
0141ca919e3700678ee0e533c38df193659dfc8c  deluge-1.3.14-macosx-x64.dmg


d4b89ebb1fd7cddefc594eb10b9c6f97  deluge-1.3.14.tar.gz
e02dbacc61920d59bc554fc95c154de7  deluge-1.3.14.tar.bz2
e3b104c603f1f6d19a6e3afeff984efc  deluge-1.3.14.tar.xz
28874467646434bee7125c287f02698f  deluge-1.3.14-win32-py2.7.exe
d4b870f7d0ce39e8895a039b140108c6  deluge-1.3.14-macosx-x64.dmg
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