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     1= Deluge 1.3.15 = 
     3''May 12, 2017''  
     5A bug fix release that resolves a few issues introduced in 1.3.14 along with other minor fixes. 
     7'''Network Proxy Settings:'''  
     9 * Since libtorrent 0.16 there has only been a single proxy that applies to all types (Peer, web, etc.) so to prevent bugs with accidentally unsetting the proxy values Deluge now only sets a single proxy but mirrors the settings from peer type to the other proxy types for ''user display only'' to show that proxy is enabled for all connections. In the GTKUI this means that the other types are greyed out and will be unable to be set. This is a stopgap measure for 1.3 code and is properly fixed for 2.0 release. 
     11'''Deluge WebUI:''' 
     12 * Highly recommended to upgrade to this release as it contains a directory traversal security fix that once again has the real potential to compromise your machine. 
     14'''Windows OS:'''  
     16 * The dialog button locations will now be uniform across the application. A proper fix to copy the Windows OS button placement will be implemented for 2.x release. See #3012 
     17 * There is a confirmed shutdown bug with the standalone client (classic mode) so before shutting down or logging off on Windows, either ensure Deluge is closed or run in thinclient mode. See #3011 
     21Please see the ''ChangeLog'' and the [ ''Revision Log''] for the full list of changes. 
     23Download the source tarballs from: or check out the [wiki:Download] page for information on where to find packages for your OS. 
     25As always, Happy Sharing! 
     2924fc05c8df709e0967e4259776527f7bf9511d7f  deluge-1.3.15.tar.gz 
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