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Deluge 1.3.7

July 9, 2014

Another bug-fix release.

Please see the ChangeLog and the Revision Log for the full list of changes.

Download the source tarballs from: or check out the Download page for information on where to find packages for your OS.

As always, Happy Sharing!


62eb7574863eddec4fbe9e498b39fb0add6f190f  deluge-1.3.7.tar.gz
f2f24d64dd139a38bcee6a4e8ee5f5a9f1136667  deluge-1.3.7.tar.bz2
f9258a110a5768c959b31f301f26e66e1e3b181f  deluge-1.3.7.tar.lzma


594080746a4d406c002fcac2e4a53df1  deluge-1.3.7.tar.gz
27f271a74d055bda2218839612b89d47  deluge-1.3.7.tar.bz2
86a9a4033b6e3bd4823fbd60a6db316e  deluge-1.3.7.tar.lzma