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Download NSSM and read their usage page about installing.

nssm install deluged 

The following are minimum UI changes required for the service to work:

Path: C:\Program Files\Deluge\deluged-debug.exe
Arguments: -c C:\config_location

Note: In order for the service to be stopped properly, need to use the debug application versions.

To also run the WebUI as a service:

nssm install delugeweb
Path: C:\Program Files\Deluge\deluge-web-debug.exe
Arguments: -c C:\config_location

Note: In case Web UI is not working outside your machine (if you're running Deluge from a home server), you just have to allow in your Windows Firewall the following executables in C:\Program Files\Deluge:


Remember to set those executables to run as Private, not Public when allowing them on Windows Firewall.

If you want to access the running deluged service with a local UI Client see:


Not tested, see Forum for guides.