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Deluge has a semi working port on Macports and that works, you can also build SVN from Macports. This is an attempt to build Deluge on OS X based on the Fink package manager. I've found success with the source based distribution of Fink. The binary version may work but it is very outdated. With a modern cpu you can build packages rather quickly, the python packages don't even need to be built.

Quick & Dirty Compile Process Overview

Download and configure the required GTK+, cairo and the python bindings for them.

Download the latest svn

Compile as per Installing/Source


Fink Source Distribution Follow those steps to get the fink package manager working.

Once Fink is at one with your $PATH run the following to install all the needed build packages.

sudo fink install pyxdg-py25 gtk+2 librsvg2-gtk pygtk2-gtk-py25 pygobject2-py25 boost1.35.nopython libglade2 gtk+2-dev pygobject2-py25-dev pygobject2-py25-shlibs pycairo-py25-dev setuptools-py25

This may take a while to compile so you may want to download the sources then compile at a later time you can use

fink fetch <packages>

Now that your build environment is prepared, open a new window in you need to checkout the appropriate SVN folder, or branch. There is trunk (1.2DEV) and a few branches, we'll be focusing on 1.1.0_RC. Download the attached .diff and use patch to apply my patch for compiling libtorrent against Fink's libboost.

patch -p ~/Downloads/setup_mac.diff


  • GUI based launch.
  • Remove X11 dependency with native GTK.
  • Fink inclusion
  • Document process in depth to facilitate duplication
  • allow import of .torrent via Mac OS + Firefox/Safari?
  • libtorrent binary packaging. (This may reduce need for the patch.)

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