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#3155 [Security] [Feature request] Use HTTPS for Deluge binaries, source, and web registration page new feature-request major not applicable
#3201 Create Windows package (Py3-GTK3) new feature-request major 2.1.x
#3259 Create macOS app package (Py3-GTK3) new feature-request major 2.1.x
#2667 [win32] Add portable option to NSIS installer reopened feature-request minor Future
#3101 deluge-- (macOS) very slow 17KB/sec new bug minor needs verified
#3254 Migrate Windows version stamping new feature-request minor 2.x
#3268 Release checklist update and fix unlinked URL new bug minor 2.0.4
#3282 Does not work with pillow-simd new bug minor 2.0.4
#3354 Consider fixing PPA version new bug minor needs verified
#3004 systemd services logging to journald new feature-request trivial 2.x
#3049 msys/mingw deluge install on Windows new feature-request trivial Future
#3333 Settings format and location on mac: 1.3.x vs 2.0.x new feature-request trivial needs verified
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