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#699 Fixed tos option not working andar

I'm using deluge 1.1-RC3, filled 0x08 (throughput) into the TOS field in options, but when the data gets to my router the tos isn't set.

However, if I run deluge as a seperate user and do this: iptables -t mangle -A OUTPUT -m owner --uid-owner bittorrent -j TOS --set-tos Maximize-Throughput the TOS is set correctly, but I cant do this anymore due to bug #698

#2412 Fixed Disable tracker merging for private torrents Cas Abbott

Most private trackers ask that you not merge tracker lists so ratio is not incorrectly reported to the tracker. It would be nice to have an option to add a duplicate torrent instead of automatically merging trackers.

#2282 Invalid Deluge is unable to download from itself => magnet seed fail. abique


Deluge is unable to download from itself.

I set up a tracker using Hefur. I created a torrent and started deluge as a daemon on a machine A, seeding the torrent.

Then on the machine B, I started deluge (gtk), and added the magnets, then both peers connects, but the second client fails to download the magnet.

But if I download from the .torrent file, then the downloads completes.

I conclude that the first client fails to seed the magnets, which explains why other clients also fails to download.


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