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#946 While in use, Deluge is slow to respond markybob bug major Windows OS
#949 1.1.8' GtkUI cannot parse one torrent but 1.1.7's GtkUI can do it. andar bug major GTK UI
#950 renaming torrent folder with / in name andar bug minor GTK UI
#953 Deluge get stuck after last upgrade andar bug critical Unknown
#954 [Showstopper] 1.1.8 upgrade from Ubuntu 9.04 PPA is broken markybob bug blocker Packaging
#955 Bad percentage andar bug trivial GTK UI
#957 Add ip resolution for the "peers tab" andar feature-request minor Unknown
#961 Update libtorrent for CVE-2009-1760 andar bug major Unknown
#962 "Segmantation fault" when removing several torrents from disk andar bug major Unknown
#965 Weird connections to andar bug critical Core
#966 Deluge doesn't create or rewrite some config files andar bug major Core
#973 Upnp forwards are closed immediately andar bug major Core
#974 Change to the slackware-build link for deluge andar feature-request major Unknown
#978 Blocklist error message ''ValueError: time data" in download_blocklist_thread johnnyg bug major Unknown
#980 [r5427] Deluge does not exit properly andar bug major Unknown
#981 email notification locks deluge ui client andar bug major Unknown
#982 Seed/Peer Ratio andar feature-request trivial GTK UI
#985 Redo interface for RSS andar feature-request major Unknown
#987 Label seed ratio applies to unfinished torrents andar bug trivial Plugin
#990 Setting max upload speed to zero in AJAX WebUI makes it unlimited damoxc bug minor Web UI
#999 GTK UI/Web UI do not categorize "unregistered torrent" as an Error andar bug minor Core
#1006 scheduler script andar bug major Unknown
#1009 Enabling a plugin adds two items of the same name to the "Categories" view andar bug minor Unknown
#1010 Max piece size andar feature-request major GTK UI
#1011 Deluge 1.1.9: WebUI: Plugin Label click LabelAdd- "values for ['options_form'] are required" andar bug critical Plugin
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