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Auto sub-folder creation

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Request Description:

As found in uTorrent, I would like to suggest an option to allow Deluge to automatically create a sub-folder for each torrent (based on torrent/magnetic name/title) and optionally only for torrents with a single file.

The setting should then look something like this:

 [X] Auto create sub-folder for each torrent
    [X] Only for single file torrents

The name of the sub-folder created by Deluge should be what is displayed in the "Name" column at the Deluge GUI.

Hint: Illegal path characters in the torrent name/title should be replaced with an underscore, for example: title "My Video: Part 1" should result in sub-folder name "My Video_ Part 1"

Example for a single file torrent :

Current behavior :

Torrent title : My Great Video Files in torrent : mgv.mp4 Content stored as : /home/me/downloads/mgv.mp4 Display name in GUI: mgv.mp4

Desired behavior :

Torrent title : My Great Video File in torrent : mgv.mp4 Content stored as : /home/me/downloads/My Great Video/mgv.mp4 Display name in GUI: My Great Video

Thank you for your consideration!

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