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Hello everyone,

I'm finishing setting up my deluge/sonarr/plex etc environment, I have my deluge working fine with files moving from incomplete to complete and Sonarr to each assigned folder. but the original file in folder "complete" stays there, so I'm trying to install AutoRemovePlus? plugin from GUI and manually (copying file to /plugins folder) without success, it just won't appear inside the plugin options even after restarting deluge.

Can you shed some light to solve this issue and/or another plugin or solution?

Apologies if the subject has been posted before.

Thanks in advance...

UnRaid? 6.8.3

binhex Delugevpn 2.0.4

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I tried this 3rd party plugin, and it isn't coded against python3, and fails to work for a trivial issue. Should we stop promoting plugins that don't work under python3?

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