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#3607 new bug padding files

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Component: Unknown Version: 2.0.5
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This is similar to Ticket #450 from a long time back:

But torrents also contain these kind of empty padding files to get files to end on a block, see a forum thread of theirs here: And it seems like deluge fails to download these sometimes, and since I can't see them in the folder, I can't just manually create a file of zeros to solve it myself. (And can't manually download the files to throw in there either, as deluge ignores them on recheck due to missing padding files)

It would be nice, and more efficient, if Deluge could automatically fill out those padding files without needing to download them. An example I've found is this one: Which has zero seeds and everyone sitting on 100.0% because of a missing scrapheap_challenge_meta.sqlite and the associated 1.4MB padding file. As I said, downloading the sqlite file from and putting it in place doesn't work, as I can't put the padding file in place too.

Deluge lists the missing padding file as .____padding_file/149, but I do not see the .____padding_file directory in the download directory at all.

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