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#2042 WebUI incredibly slow with 1500 torrents new damoxc blocker performance Web UI
#3309 TypeError: '>' not supported between instances of 'NoneType' and 'str' new blocker 2.0.4 GTK UI
#3346 🙄 forum registration unpossible [sic] new blocker needs verified Unknown
#3381 ubuntu 20.04 ppa new blocker needs verified Unknown
#3395 deluge-web.service does not work on debian 10 stable based on the official guide new blocker 1.3.16 Web UI
#3403 Forum registration fails - email never arrives new blocker Unknown
#1127 ALL torrents become paused with no error assigned critical not applicable libtorrent
#1601 Reported active torrents during a crash assigned critical 2.x Core
#2149 deluge ignoring proxy settings reopened critical 1.3.14 Plugin
#2876 Deluge Crashes randomly new critical not applicable Core
#3091 Proxy settings ignored new critical needs verified Plugin
#3106 Checking with large hash size causes OOM condition new critical needs verified Core
#3116 Adding parentheses to root folder name doesn't update title new critical needs verified Unknown
#3165 "Device or resource busy" on Linux kernel newer than 4.9.0-3 new critical needs verified Core
#3180 Terminating deluge leaves it in an inconsistent state new critical needs verified Core
#3293 Torrents won't seed. new critical needs verified Core
#3324 Deluge segfaults when starting to receive packets from some torrents new critical not applicable libtorrent
#3327 Exceptions filling logs and memory leaking till operational freeze reopened critical 2.0.4 Core
#3334 Corruption of settings assigned Cas critical 2.0.4 Core
#3361 Deluge 2.0.3 crashes on fedora 31 new critical needs verified Unknown
#3410 Interactive deluge-console on windows new critical 2.0.4 Console UI
#1454 memory leak caused by deluge gtk/ui assigned major not applicable GTK UI
#1820 Add checks so that deluge-web and webui plugin don't clash assigned major 2.x Web UI
#1849 [label] changes are greedy steals all torrents, auto-labeling picks wrong label new major Future Plugin
#2118 No incoming Connections over SOCKS5 Proxy new major not applicable Core
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