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#32 Fixed Add total time seeded info markybob

Private trackers I use only allow you to stop seeding a torrent if nobody else wants to download it after seeding for a certain period. Adding a counter for the total time a torrent was seeded would be very useful in such an event. KTorrent has such a feature. I hope it can be easily added. Deluge seems to have everything else. Tks.

#33 Fixed Display total time seeded for a torrent markybob

Thank you for the other feature request fixed with the option to remove a torrent after a certain number of hours, but it would be more useful to know the time a torrent was seeded and be able to make a decision, forsee when to come back and close the client, add new torrents etc., especially since a torrent might be seeded on and off over more than one day.

#34 Fixed hide/show deluge duplicates shown torrents andar danii

deluge 0.6.0r2796

whenever you minimize gtkui to tray, when the window is shown again, a duplicate of each torrent is displayed, info in the status bar also gets duplicated

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