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#2186 Invalid torrent still downloating at 100% feedback zero13ro

Hi guys,

Please give me feedback regarding the well known issue present in the link bellow

if I will upgrade the utorrent version from 0.13.2 to 0.15.9 will this solve my issue?

Thanks for helping

#1472 Fixed Integer as boolean zenon

~$ deluge-gtk (deluge-gtk:11820): WARNING : column number is a boolean, but will be interpreted as an integer; this is likely not what you intended

More likely the other way around: seems it was intended an integer, declared as boolean, then interpeted as an integer anyway, so everything works as it should. Still a bug though.

Version 1.3.0 with libtorrent on ubuntu 10.10, no matter whether it rund in classiuc or server-client mode.

#1114 Fixed "Check active port" doesn't work Zenigata

Hi, with previous version of Deluge (for example 1.1.9) if I press "Check active port" under preferences, I have a green or a red output (depending if the port is open on the router or not).

In 1.2.0_rc5 nothing happens if I press that button.

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