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[Blocklist] "Session paused always" issue.

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When enabling 'Import blocklist on startup' and leaving 'url' as per default i.e. empty, then libtorrent session always paused and never resumed. I see in the code that in this case the loop is just scheduled as usual and when ran then simply returns as no url, so in effect locked in paused. Granted this isn't so much a bug, as is a useability thing, or how put, but would suggest changing code to resume session atleast, or making the option conditional(on 'url'), or alike.

Reported and troubleshooted by toastmaster on the forum here:

Thanks alot in advance!

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comment:1 by mhertz, 6 months ago

Reported and issue identified by toastboy, not toastmaster, and sorry for reposting, but no edit function and just felt bad posting wrong name, apologies.

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