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#3064 Deluge Web TLS not working with certificate chains bug major 1.3.15 Fixed
#3395 deluge-web.service does not work on debian 10 stable based on the official guide bug blocker 1.3.15 WontFix
#1841 cannot unselect a label do see all torrent in webui Damien Churchill bug minor master Duplicate
#2080 sort option not available in web ui Damien Churchill bug minor master Invalid
#2081 sort option not available in web ui Damien Churchill bug minor master Invalid
#1243 WebUI doesn't populate files tab properly on windows server Damien Churchill bug major 1.2.3 Fixed
#1267 Tracker proxy settings set in webui do not actually get set Damien Churchill bug minor 1.2.3 Fixed
#1269 Torrent options set in webui do not take effect Damien Churchill bug major 1.2.3 Fixed
#1256 deluge-web does not listen on ipv6 socket Damien Churchill defect minor 1.3.0_dev Duplicate
#1325 webui username Damien Churchill feature-request major 1.3.0_dev Duplicate
#1361 Tracker icons sometimes improperly sized in web interface Damien Churchill bug minor 1.3.0_dev Fixed
#1542 Deluge webUI don't save some preferences Damien Churchill bug major 1.3.1 Duplicate
#1543 Plugin label/webUI: where I can configure it in webUI? Damien Churchill bug trivial 1.3.1 WontFix
#1831 WebUI Problem Damien Churchill bug minor 1.3.1 Invalid
#2101 deluged crashes after Fedora update Damien Churchill bug critical 1.3.3 Invalid
#2089 my seedbox is not working with deluge Damien Churchill bug major 1.3.4 Invalid
#2157 Exception when accessing Webui : <type 'exceptions.LookupError'>: unknown encoding: ascii Damien Churchill bug minor 1.3.5 Invalid
#2298 Disable authentication for webui Damien Churchill feature-request minor 1.3.6 Duplicate
#2455 "Not connected" after browser refresh bug major 1.3.6 Invalid
#1464 Deluge 1.3.1 webui + Google Chrome 10 (dev) = blank screen Damien Churchill bug major other (please specify) Invalid
#1787 Remember WebUI password Damien Churchill defect major other (please specify) Invalid
#2252 Handle magnet:// links Damien Churchill bug minor other (please specify) WontFix
#2399 CANT REGISTER FOR FORUM! bug blocker other (please specify) Invalid
#2483 [WebUI] Support for icons in webui pluginmanager feature-request minor other (please specify) Duplicate
#2251 iOS 6 Caching WebUI json POST requests Damien Churchill bug minor WontFix
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