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#2034 Add systemd .service file feature-request minor 2.0.2 Packaging
#3073 Add launchd to osx packaging bug trivial 2.0.2 Packaging
#3257 'module' object has no attribute 'SimpleNamespace' with Python 2.7 bug minor 2.0.2 Core
#3219 Crash setting peers tabs tooltip bug minor 2.0.3 GTK UI
#3260 web ui reverse proxy crash bug minor 2.0.3 Web UI
#3261 web ui 'idna' codec failed bug minor 2.0.3 Web UI
#3262 WebUI cannot change password bug minor 2.0.3 Web UI
#3264 Error starting Extractor plugin bug minor 2.0.3 Plugin
#3265 Errors with GTK on Wayland bug minor 2.0.3 Unknown
#3266 GTK Peers tabs errors bug minor 2.0.3 Unknown
#3010 Hundreds of MB of exception logs bug major 1.3.16 GTK UI
#3020 Deluge Doesn't Save Default Download Directory bug major 1.3.16 Unknown
#3039 Preference window doesn't open Cas bug minor 1.3.16 GTK UI
#3044 Restarting deluged via systemd causes errornous torrents bug minor 1.3.16 Core
#3064 Deluge Web TLS not working with certificate chains bug major 1.3.16 Web UI
#3066 update DHT bootstrap nodes feature-request minor 1.3.16 Core
#3070 [Plugin] [Blocklist] Exception: list index out of range bug minor 1.3.16 Plugin
#3075 config command not handling windows paths bug minor 1.3.16 Console UI
#3079 Error using curly braces in password Cas bug minor 1.3.16 GTK UI
#3112 Setting peer TOS from deluge console is different from setting Peer TOS from WebUI bug minor 1.3.16 Console UI
#3124 deluge-gtk crash when connected to remote server Cas bug major 1.3.16 GTK UI
#3130 Use another icon name for tray feature-request minor 1.3.16 GTK UI
#3221 An option to specify move_competed folder with add command feature-request minor 1.3.16 Console UI
#3082 Use translated strings from 1.X in 2.X bug minor 2.0.4 Translations
#3267 GTK Notification plugin error bug minor 2.0.4 Plugin
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