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#3115 Renaming a subfolder to contain another subfolder leads to GTK client desync GTK UI 1.3.15 needs verified bug new 09/22/2017
#2840 renaming files doesn't check for name collisions within the torrent Unknown develop needs verified bug new 05/21/2016
#2191 Renaming files issue when adding a torrent Core 1.3.5 needs verified bug new 10/16/2012
#2025 renaming torrent via deluge console Console UI Future feature-request new 02/02/2012
#3252 Replace deprecated pkg_resources Core develop 2.x bug new 05/17/2019
#3181 Replace Pywin32 Unknown develop Future feature-request reopened 06/03/2018
#1601 Reported active torrents during a crash Core 1.3.6 2.x bug assigned 03/13/2011
#3031 Resetting or hiding file priority of finished downloads GTK UI 1.3.14 2.x feature-request new 05/02/2017
#1896 Resolve Peer Hostnames Unknown 1.3.2 Future feature-request new 07/17/2011
#3024 Reuse already transferred segments from other torrents Core other (please specify) needs verified feature-request new 04/13/2017
#3584 Right-Click Workaround on Mobile Browsers Web UI develop needs verified bug new 01/29/2023
#3133 Running deluge-gtk over ssh with X forwarding doesn't allow ssh logout after deluge-gtk is closed GTK UI 1.3.12 needs verified bug new 11/24/2017
#1395 Same rank trackers should all be announced Core 1.3.1 2.x feature-request new 11/10/2010
#3407 'Saved Paths' popup crashes deluge on Wayland GTK UI master not applicable bug reopened 06/07/2020
#2637 "Save to dialouge" Unknown 1.3.10 Future feature-request pending 10/25/2014
#3576 Search by hash Unknown 2.1.0 needs verified feature-request new 12/23/2022
#3397 search by name in webui Web UI 2.0.0 needs verified bug new 05/19/2020
#3155 [Security] [Feature request] Use HTTPS for Deluge binaries, source, and web registration page Packaging other (please specify) not applicable feature-request new 02/01/2018
#3408 Seed and peer statistics for trackers with no scrape Core 2.0.3 2.0.6 feature-request new 06/10/2020
#2982 Seeding ratio doesn't take into account what it should Unknown 1.3.10 needs verified bug new 03/02/2017
#3446 Seed only when HDD is active Unknown 1.3.15 needs verified plugin-request new 01/01/2021
#2377 Seed ratio not respected Core 1.3.6 needs verified bug new 11/08/2013
#3522 Segmentation Fault on Deamon start (Armv71) Unknown 2.0.3 not applicable bug new 06/01/2022
#3139 Selecting update tracker does nothing GTK UI 1.3.15 needs verified bug new 12/01/2017
#1700 Seperate plugins into their own repositories Plugin other (please specify) Future feature-request new 04/07/2011
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