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#2947 [Stats] AttributeError: 'Graph' object has no attribute 'stats' bug minor GTK UI develop
#2952 appdata.xml file for Linux software gallery integration patch minor Packaging develop
#2960 moving file freeze Cas bug blocker Core develop
#2964 TypeError when trying to check authentication level in RPC Server. Cas bug trivial Core 1.3.13
#2965 Port AutoAdd magnet fixes from 1.3 to develop bug minor Plugin develop
#2966 Rename deprecated unittest methods bug trivial Core develop
#2970 Allow editing of daemon connections in WebUI feature-request minor Web UI 1.3.13
#2977 Fix Stats Plugin Errors bug major Plugin develop
#2978 gtk bloking bug blocker GTK UI develop
#2979 Startup error when deluge-web not installed bug minor GTK UI develop
#2993 deluge-web fails due to "UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 18: unexpected end of data" bug minor Web UI develop
#2994 Update deluge-web man page bug minor Packaging
#2996 Duplicate console commands in help output bug trivial Console UI develop
#3001 GTK column sorting TypeError DjLegolas bug trivial GTK UI develop
#3002 Convert Deluge Plugins to GtkBuilder DjLegolas feature-request trivial Plugin develop
#3003 Label plugin adding multiple right-click menu entries bug major Plugin develop
#3006 Missing torrent status disconnecting then reconnecting bug major GTK UI develop
#3009 Can't Start deluge-console 2.0.0.dev7009 bug critical Console UI develop
#3034 Typo in translatable strings bug minor GTK UI develop
#3037 Show creator field in torrent details UI Cas feature-request minor Core 1.3.13
#3043 libtorrent 1.1 win build instructions bug minor Packaging 1.3.15
#3053 Copy non-minified js to build if slimit missing DjLegolas bug trivial Packaging develop
#3055 not connecting to daemon Cas bug critical GTK UI develop
#3056 creating daemon connection in deluge-gtk fails without feedback Cas bug major GTK UI develop
#3058 Error Adding User Cas bug minor GTK UI develop
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