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#1982 Filter non-paused torrents new feature-request Future trivial
#2090 json api get_hosts returns status Offline for all hosts new damoxc bug 2.x trivial
#2170 WebUI generates AttributeError when reconnected to daemon new damoxc bug 2.x trivial
#2234 Folllow freedesktop specs for files created/stored by Deluge new bug 2.x trivial
#2236 Disabling plugin with filter in webui generates errors new bug 2.x trivial
#2239 Plugins without webui pages generate a typeerror new damoxc bug 2.x trivial
#2334 Add option to GTK UI to startup application with OS new feature-request 2.x trivial
#2669 file association not set with two user accounts in win7 64 bit new bug 2.1.1 trivial
#2810 combined view for downloading and active torrents new feature-request 2.x trivial
#2910 Noticable delay between loading torrentview and sidebar upon startup new bug 2.1.1 trivial
#2958 Ignore torrents until active new feature-request Future trivial
#2959 Language selection in WebUI affects GTKUI new bug 2.x trivial
#2974 Open connection manager in WebUI new bug 2.x trivial
#3004 systemd services logging to journald new feature-request 2.x trivial
#3012 Consistent button position on Windows new bug 2.x trivial
#3049 msys/mingw deluge install on Windows new feature-request Future trivial
#3052 Further improvements for icons new feature-request 2.x trivial
#3088 deluged pauses torrents randomly new bug 2.1.1 trivial
#3095 Limiting per peer download speed new feature-request needs verified trivial
#3179 Windows: Disconnecting 2nd display doesn't update gtkui.conf with usable x position new bug 2.x trivial
#3181 Replace Pywin32 reopened feature-request Future trivial
#3216 WebUI plugin error with missing deluge-web new bug 2.x trivial
#3234 Peers tab column width not saving new bug needs verified trivial
#3243 Tray icon issue without libappindicator new bug needs verified trivial
#3251 Closing Deluge message: gtk_notebook_get_tab_label: assertion new bug 2.x trivial
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