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#2473 [Core] Add torrent from url via proxy feature-request minor Core other (please specify)
#2475 pylint plus updates patch minor Core develop
#2477 Incorrect number of torrents being shown bug minor GTK UI develop
#2478 [Blocklist] Add WebUI plugin page XxOsurfer3xX feature-request minor Plugin 1.3.6
#2490 Add UI code to display external IP feature-request minor GTK UI develop
#2510 Bug in type checking patch minor Core develop
#2520 Change queue description for seeding Cas feature-request minor GTK UI other (please specify)
#2562 TiB instead of GiB for large HD's feature-request minor Core other (please specify)
#2701 [gtk-ui] Move Download Folder cancel button doesn't work (move_storage_dialog) bro bug minor GTK UI develop
#2702 markup like <br/> in torrent comments -> harmless? error message bug minor GTK UI develop
#2707 FilterPanel TypeError: r is undefined bug minor Web UI develop
#2708 Console KeyError: 'progress' bug minor Console (new ncurses) develop
#2755 UnicodeWarning: (download_location" != "move_completed_path" bug minor Core develop
#2769 The process for uploading a torrent file in the Web-UI could be streamlined. feature-request minor Web UI develop
#2775 torrents.state not created for fresh install bug minor Core develop
#2789 Test for google tracker icon redirect is failing bug minor Core develop
#2796 Add "date_added" to console info sort keys feature-request minor Console UI 1.3-stable
#2798 web ui bug minor Web UI develop
#2804 unable to add torrents bro bug minor Core develop
#2808 Deluge Log File Not Working as Intended bug minor Core develop
#2838 missing ! in ui/console/ line 59 bro bug minor Console UI develop
#2846 Status Bar External Address IPv6 Support Cas bug minor Core develop
#2847 Add a 'move to' option to add command feature-request minor Console UI 1.3.12
#2848 Incorrect share ratio in torrent status bug minor Core 1.3.6
#2866 Non-functional "Resume All" taskbar menu item after v1.3.13 update bug minor GTK UI 1.3-stable
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