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#56 Force Recheck doesn't work markybob bug blocker 0.5.x
#80 "Segmentation fault" on rechecking markybob bug blocker 0.5.x
#87 Newest deb for Gutsy 64 bit crashes repeatedly markybob bug blocker 0.5.x
#154 Deluge silently crashes when adding new torrent markybob bug blocker 0.5.x
#220 deluge crash on AVIRA ANTIVIR update markybob bug blocker 0.5.x
#293 add torrent broken andar bug blocker Core
#322 setting refresh rate in webui does not work (--> implement js refresh) mvoncken feature-request blocker Web UI
#325 edit tracker oddities andar bug blocker GTK UI
#346 winxp msi installer sadrul bug blocker null
#380 cant see torrent list on hebrew desktop andar bug blocker GTK UI
#456 torrent list emptys by itself, restarting deluge fixes the problem but only for a few minutes andar bug blocker Core
#536 403 error when trying to download windows 32 version andar bug blocker Unknown
#537 pb on screen preference andar bug blocker Unknown
#589 rename "deluge -u null2" to something more meaningfull. sadrul feature-request blocker null
#601 White window ! andar bug blocker Core
#672 Deluge compiled from 1.1.0_RC1 sources doesn't add any torrents, quietly. andar bug blocker Unknown
#703 Folders relocation andar bug blocker Unknown
#779 BUG - windows vista andar bug blocker Unknown
#794 Crashes While Running markybob bug blocker Windows OS
#831 Deluge broken by new python packages in Jaunty andar bug blocker Core
#848 Problems with proxy andar bug blocker 1.2.0 Unknown
#918 deluge doesn't save preferences andar bug blocker GTK UI
#954 [Showstopper] 1.1.8 upgrade from Ubuntu 9.04 PPA is broken markybob bug blocker Packaging
#963 trunk blocklist plugin is broken johnnyg bug blocker 1.2.0 Plugin
#1070 Deluge won't start - crashes andar bug blocker Unknown
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