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#1390 Add keymaps to webui damoxc feature-request trivial Web UI 1.3.0
#1554 Stop Seeding on Share Ratio Fails for Partially Selected Torrents bug minor Core 1.3.1
#1938 AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'send_request' bug minor GTK UI 1.3.1
#1886 [Win32] No persistent icon/notification in Windows' System Tray Cas bug trivial Packaging 1.3.2
#1898 Email notifications do not include date/time they were sent bug minor Plugin 1.3.2
#1907 deluged sometimes not saving torrent state on exit bug major Core 1.3.2
#1928 Crash if column header is dragged under fluxbox WM Cas bug minor Core 1.3.2
#1494 Add "Downloaded" and "Uploaded" columns to torrent view Cas feature-request minor Web UI 1.3.3
#1893 Error when adding torrent from Firefox bug minor GTK UI 1.3.3
#1895 Torrent info race condition Cas bug minor GTK UI 1.3.3
#1905 Email Notification: No email sent to second email address. bug minor Plugin 1.3.3
#1912 install fails confusingly if you don't have libtorrent or svn bug minor Packaging 1.3.3
#1915 Unable to stop the status bar from autohiding damoxc bug minor Web UI 1.3.3
#1918 [Win32] Drag'n'Drop not working Cas bug critical GTK UI 1.3.3
#1921 GTKUI reports free disk space wrong. Cas bug trivial GTK UI 1.3.3
#1929 Improvements for Cas bug minor Packaging 1.3.3
#1930 Please provide an AUTHOR file with centralized information feature-request minor Packaging 1.3.3
#1934 Unicode Error in 'Add Torrent' Dialog Cas bug minor GTK UI 1.3.3
#1936 free variable 'host' referenced before assignment in enclosing scope damoxc bug trivial Web UI 1.3.3
#1940 Renaming folder issues when using Add Torrent dialog in Windows Cas bug critical Core 1.3.3
#1941 Increase max cache value feature-request trivial GTK UI 1.3.3
#1954 config -s listen_interface → "invalid literal for float" bug minor Console UI 1.3.3
#1956 [Win32] Errors: "The parameter is incorrect" and "Reached the end of file" bug critical libtorrent 1.3.3
#1960 Web UI statusbar shows total_payload_download for upload Cas bug minor Web UI 1.3.3
#1961 Filter for Labels plugin needs 'All' option damoxc bug critical Web UI 1.3.3
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