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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#124 Blocklist plugin completely broken, plus it <probably> doesn't honour the "download every XYZ days" setting bug major Plugin
#180 crash while trying to check blocklist plugin andar bug major Plugin
#200 malloc(): memory corruption when importing blocklist andar bug minor Plugin
#201 Deluge crashes when selecting the Peers tab andar bug minor Plugin
#383 sidebar icons disapear whe Label plugins is enabled mvoncken bug minor Plugin
#1027 daemon fails to start if label plugin enabled andar bug major Plugin
#1230 Plugin label doesn't apply correctly the preferences when I change torrent between labels bug major 1.3 Plugin
#3022 WebUI Not Working on Linux Mint bug minor needs verified Plugin
#2868 OSX sound notification is still greyed out bug minor needs verified Packaging
#1457 [win32] Tracker error when BlockList plugin is used bug minor libtorrent
#2323 [win32] https tracker issue with libtorrent 0.16.x on windows 2.7py client bug major not applicable libtorrent
#2937 Freebsd deluged memory leak bug major needs verified libtorrent
#2950 libtorrent error undefined symbol: _ZN5boost4asio2ip10address_v4C1ERKNS_5arrayIhLm4EEE bug critical needs verified libtorrent
#176 Incorrect value for Infinity andar bug minor GTK UI
#244 display of gtk clients not updated after adding a torrent andar bug minor GTK UI
#308 opening a .torrent file from a browser opens a new gtkui andar bug minor GTK UI
#402 Can't change the completed download directory markybob bug major GTK UI
#435 When adding multiple torrent files, all torrents take on the same settins andar bug major GTK UI
#508 Selecting "Other..." as download directory doesnt work andar bug major GTK UI
#574 Per-torrent download limits are often lost egoguerillas bug major GTK UI
#653 Implementing authmanager to classic_mode startup... andar bug major GTK UI
#796 GTK UI Broken since after ~4560 andar bug major 1.2.0 GTK UI
#810 MainWindow does not remember width and height andar bug major GTK UI
#857 Queue Up/Down buttons not work andar bug major GTK UI
#929 deluge opens link in about window twice andar bug minor GTK UI
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