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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#1199 deluge 1.2.2 considers 0.14.9 > 0.14.10 bug blocker 1.2.1 14 years
#1875 NameError: name '_' is not defined s0undt3ch bug blocker master 13 years
#1189 Incomplete torrents give error at deluged start bug critical 1.2.1 14 years
#1281 Warn/stop client connecting to incompatible deluged johnnyg feature-request critical master 14 years
#1943 Session handling breaks AutoAdd plugin bug critical master 13 years
#2218 Use 0.16 libtorrent extension bindings or remove ut pex option bug critical master 11 years
#2277 get_torrent_status ignores plugins - Bug in commit 8c106ce8c4c0794ddd63e8e8f98b097221a56a52 bug critical master 11 years
#1202 AttributeError: Torrent instance has no attribute 'state' bug major 1.2.3 14 years
#2241 Can't add any torrent files with GUI running bug major master 11 years
#2448 Resume data is saved individually for all torrents on startup bug major develop 10 years
#1103 Global "Stop seed at ratio" setting overrides per-torrent disabling of "Stop seed" setting bug minor 1.3.0 14 years
#1467 Log to file when not daemonized defect minor 1.3.1 13 years
#1924 Twisted error on attempt to connect to deluged with deluge-console bug minor master 13 years
#2007 UnicodeDecodeError when logging to file Cas bug minor master 12 years
#2039 line 1023, in on_alert_tracker_warning - UnicodeDecodeError bug minor master 12 years
#2091 Deluge (daemon) overwrites log when starting. bug minor 1.3.5 12 years
#2247 AttributeError in deluge.error.DaemonRunningError bro bug minor master 11 years
#2400 Torrent isn't auto managed yet stops when reaching ratio 1, refuses to resume (need force start behaviour) OmegaPhil bug minor 1.3.6 10 years
#2733 : on_alert_performance - UnicodeDecodeError bug minor develop 9 years

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#2474 Replace add_torrent with async_add_torrent patch minor develop 10 years

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#1321 UPnP/NAT-PMP does not reopen ports when closed bug minor 1.3.0_dev 14 years
#1388 [win32] path to torrent-file contains non-ascii symbols bug minor 1.3.1 13 years
#1201 Deprecation warning, use get_session_status() bug trivial 1.2.3 14 years

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#1174 Incorrect reporting of Download Progress andar bug major 1.2.1 14 years
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