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#2758 [win32] bbfreeze include _cffi_backend module bug major 1.3.12 Packaging
#2092 [win32] Cannot create torrent with non-acsii names Calum bug minor 1.3.6 GTK UI
#2409 [win32] Console Non-interactive ImportError Calum bug major 2.x Console UI
#2389 [win32] Deluge crashes with libtorrent.pyd fault Calum bug major 1.3.7 libtorrent
#1918 [Win32] Drag'n'Drop not working Calum bug critical 1.3.4 GTK UI
#1956 [Win32] Errors: "The parameter is incorrect" and "Reached the end of file" bug critical 1.3.4 libtorrent
#2681 [Win32] Error: "The parameter is incorrect" bug major 1.3.11 Core
#2315 [Win32] GUI Gets Lost When Using Minimize to Tray bug minor 1.3.7 GTK UI
#2096 [win32] hicolor theme icons missing bug trivial 1.3.6 Packaging
#1606 [win32] High CPU usage with low activity bug major 2.x GTK UI
#1217 [win32] Installer should close Deluge feature-request minor 1.3.6 Packaging
#2563 Win32 libtorrent version upgrade feature-request minor 1.3.12 Unknown
#2145 [win32] locales missing from bundled gtk bug major 1.3.6 Packaging
#1373 [win32] Move storage problem with non-ascii paths Calum bug minor 1.3.2 Core
#1069 [win32] no country name tooltips in peer list andar bug minor Future GTK UI
#1886 [Win32] No persistent icon/notification in Windows' System Tray Calum bug trivial 1.3.4 Packaging
#2093 [win32] 'open-with' does not work for non-acsii torrents Calum bug minor 1.3.13 Core
#2367 [win32] Private Flag not showing as ticked/checked in DelugeStart theme bug minor 1.3.7 GTK UI
#2469 [Win32] Pyopenssl 0.14 missing module Calum bug minor 2.x Packaging
#2325 [win32] Unistalling will delete everything under install directory bug minor 1.3.12 Packaging
#2736 [Windows] Deluge exe doesn't report version number bug minor 1.3.12 Packaging
#979 Windows Gtk conflict with Pidgin markybob bug major 1.2.0 Windows OS
#346 winxp msi installer sadrul bug blocker null
#1246 With every restart deluge loses some torrent label's bug major 1.3.3 Plugin
#854 Won't check 2 or more torrent andar bug major Unknown
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